What is the Fitness Zone about at Mary Virginia Crites Hannan Park?
You must be 14 years or older to use the Fitness Zone Equipment.

Parents/Guardians: Please do not let underage children use this equipment.

You assume all risk and responsibility for the use of exercise equipment in this park.
Consult your physician prior to starting any physical fitness training program.
The city does not provide any supervision for the use of the equipment.
Any potential users with known adverse health conditions should not use this equipment.
Before using the equipment, check for loose parts, breaks, cracks or other conditions needing attention. Please call 477-8200 to report any problems.
Perform exercises according to instructions on each piece of the equipment.
Breathe normally during physical activity.
Perform resistance exercises according to instructions in a slow, controlled manner over the full range of motion. Performing the movements too quickly may result in an injury.
During exercise, pay close attention to how your body feels. If pain or discomfort occurs, STOP EXERCISING IMMEDIATELY.
Rest and recovery are important between sets and exercises. Allow 2 minutes of rest between exercises or sessions.
Keep a safe distance from exercise equipment when in use by others.
Wear proper footwear when using the equipment.
Do not use when wet.
The City of Circleville shall not be liable for any personal injury to any person resulting from the use of exercise equipment in the park.

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