Employee Handbook

Working Together

As City of Circleville employees, we are challenged to work together and to take advantage of the opportunity to learn and accept the responsibility to provide the best service possible to the citizens.

Be a part of a total team effort as we all cooperate with each other to achieve the goals that will make Circleville a better place to live.

Employee Policies & Procedures

The material contained in your handbook includes policies, work rules and other information that will be helpful to you. New policies and revisions will be sent to each department; please place them in your handbook so that it can be current and effective.

Each employee has received a copy of the current handbook and each department has a copy readily available for review. The Employee Handbook is designed to provide employees with information about working for the City of Circleville. It has been prepared to assist employees with information about your rights, responsibilities and benefits as an employee of the City of Circleville.

Rights & Responsibilities

There are many specific ordinances and rules that deal with the areas of specific employment. It would be impossible to try to include all this material in a handbook. Bargaining unit employees are strongly encouraged to review their respective contracts that deal in-depth with the many topics included in this handbook.

Included are “personnel policies” for reference in day-to-day functions as a city employee. Some departments will also have “departmental policies” that are pertinent to that department only. Bargaining unit employees shall refer to their respective collective bargaining agreement for a detailed description of benefits.

Employee Handbook