Fire & EMS

Training & Education
Firefighting and EMS services are taken very seriously in Circleville. Training is an important task that is undertaken at least 1 day every week. The Circleville Fire & EMS Department also has programs for juvenile firesetters, HazMat, NIMS, Fire Prevention, and more.

Response & Prevention

Circleville Fire & EMS responds 24 hours a day to calls for fire or EMS service, participates in fire prevention efforts, performs investigations, investigates hazardous materials, inspects car seats, and places effort in improving residential quality of life.

The Circleville Fire & EMS Department has a Certified Car Seat Inspector on staff (by appointment only). For appointments, call 740-474-3333


Departmental Structure

Fire Chief
Captains, Shift Commanders
Lieutenants, Shift Officers
Firefighters (Including Firefighter/EMTs)
Volunteer Firefighters
Volunteer EMTs


Station 1

Located at 586 North Court Street, Station 1 was completed in 2002 and it houses various offices, the training / conference room, a dayroom, a kitchen, a report area, a fitness area, storage rooms, and a spacious apparatus bay.

The training room at Station 1 has been chosen as the county-wide Emergency Operations Center. This room is also loaned out to non-profit organizations / departments for use as a meeting room, as it is equipped with an overhead projector and screen, 2 televisions with VCRs, tables, chairs, and a kitchenette area.

Station 2

Located at 1220 South Court Street, Station 2 contains offices, a kitchen, a dayroom, a dorm room, and the apparatus bay.

Both Station 1 and Station 2 are ADA compliant.


All full-time positions in the Circleville Fire & EMS Department are civil service positions.  Both full time and part time positions are tested through the National Testing Network.  Click on Human Resources for details.