City of Circleville Strategic Plan Survey

The City of Circleville has been a leader in supporting economic development efforts in Pickaway County, which has resulted in significant private sector investment and job creation activities in the county. While these investments have benefited our community, leadership within the City of Circleville is developing targeted strategies to bring more economic benefit to the community. Creation of an economic development action plan and fiscal analysis is in process to ensure the City capitalizes on its strengths, invests in improvements that enhance the attractiveness of Circleville to businesses and future residents, and that the needs of existing residents and stakeholders are addressed. 

The City of Circleville would like to invite residents and those that work in the City to provide thoughts and ideas about where Circleville is today, what has worked in the past, and the path Circleville should take to ensure wealth is created for the community, its businesses and its individuals for the next decade. 

The survey will be open from August 1 – August 31, 2022. A link to the survey can be found by visiting -  Residents and works can also access the survey using the QR code below. 

The City of Circleville Strategic Plan Project Team will also be holding public input sessions in September, with more information on the sessions forthcoming.

2022 Strategic Plan QR Code