Downtown Redevelopment District 

The Everts Downtown Redevelopment District (DRD) was established in December 2016 by Circleville's City Council through Ordinance 12-68-2016 with a term length of 10 years. In December 2019, Circleville's City Council created four more DRD districts (East Main Street-DRD1, Court Street-DRD2, West Main Street-DRD3, and Franklin Street-DRD4) through Ordinance 12-64-2019 with a term length of 30 years. Some of the funds in these districts are made to the Treasurer of Pickaway County in lieu of taxes. These funds are to be used for improvements to property. The purpose of Circleville's DRD is to serve as a catalyst for downtown economic development, job creation, property improvement, and retaining the city's distinctive residential and commercial architecture. The DRD Operating Committee was formed in December 2019 and is tasked with (A) reviewing all applications requesting funds from the DRD Fund and (B) presenting an annual report to the Circleville City Council on Circleville's DRD.   

Board Members
Hank Kelly      (Indefinite)   Chair
Mike Hartley   (Indefinite)     
Daryl Wolfe     (Indefinite)    Business Member